Saturday, January 2, 2010

Organization and Resolutions

So I am doing several things this year. I have been on Craftster for over 4 years now (in December 2010 it will be 5 years!) and I just love the site. There are so many helpful people on there. You can also find just about any craft and creative process that you want to know about.

There are plenty of craft-a-longs on craftster as well. I will be participating for a few until I get tired of them. A craft-a-long is a thread on craftster where several individuals decide to craft along the same (often lose) guidelines and post pictures of their crafts. I will of course update here as well as on Craftster. I am going to be doing the 50 crafts for 2010 and the stash busting craft-a-long. The 50 crafts will give a timeline while the stash busting one will help me stay on budget this year.

Some of my goals for 2010

  1. Examples for my Teen Center Programs
  2. PDF Tutorials for Teen Center Programs
  3. Fabric Gift Bags for Next Christmas
  4. Begin an Etsy Store
  5. Create a logo and personal brand
  6. Art for my Senior Seminar
There is much more that I will accomplish this year, this is just a taste for now.